2023 Detroit Boat Show

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Add style and elegance to your next event with our new line of executive couches. These black leather couches offer a comfortable option for your attendees to talk or to refresh themselves during the event.

Part# Description Unit of Measure Price
Advanced Floor

BFAC Fabric Chair with Arms (Black) EA

BFC Fabric Chair (Black) EA Login For Pricing

BLC Traditional Leather Arm Chair (Black) EA ...or Call
(313) 386-5555

BLLS Traditional Leather Love Seat (Black) EA

BLS Traditional Leather Sofa (Black) EA

BPLBS Padded Seat Bar Stool - Chrome Legs EA

CICC Contemporary Chair (Ivory) EA

CILS Contemporary Love Seat (Ivory) EA

CIS Contemporary Sofa (Ivory) EA

CWAC Contemporary Chair (White) EA

CWBS Contemporary Bar Stool (White) EA

CWLS Contemporary Love Seat (White) EA

CWS Contemporary Sofa (White) EA

DCC Detroit Chair (White) EA

DEMI Demi Armless Chair (White) EA

DLS Detroit Love Seat (White) EA

EEXCH Elite Executive Chair - Black EA

EXCH Standard Executive Chair (Black) EA

GWBS Gelato Bar Stool (White) EA

IMB Innovate Mid-Back Conference Chair (White) EA

LOFT Loft Brown Fabric Sofa EA

MODCH Modern Chair EA

MODSOF Modern Sofa EA

NSG Nova Sofa (Grey) EA

PC Plastic Chair (Black) EA

REGBS Reggie Bar Stool (White) EA

SC Steno Chair (Black) EA

SCCB Swan Club Chair (Blue) EA

SCCG Swan Club Chair (Grey) EA

SCCR Swan Club Chair (Red) EA

SCCW Swan Chair (White) EA

U6SO Ultramodern Black Leather 6pc. Sectional w/Ottoman EA

UAC Ultramodern Leather Armless Chair (Black) EA

UCC Ultramodern Leather Corner Chair (Black) EA

ULAA Ultramodern Lounger Armless (Black) EA

ULOVEA Ultramodern Loveseat Armless (Black) EA

ULSA Ultramodern Loveseat (Black) EA

USO Ultramodern Leather Square Ottoman (Black) EA

VBS Vinyl Bar Stool (Black) EA

2023 Detroit Boat Show Exhibitor Kit.pdf
Cover Letter.pdf
-03 Event Information.pdf
Important Contacts.pdf
Damage Claim.pdf
Payment Policy.pdf
-11 CSS Rental Furnishings and Accessories.pdf
-13 Rental Furnishings and Accessories Order Form.
Carpet Rental Order Form.pdf
Union Regulations.pdf
Carpenter Labor Order Form.pdf
Teamster Crew Labor Order Form.pdf
Inbound Shipping Information.pdf
Outbound Shipping Information.pdf
Hanging Sign Labor Order Form.pdf
Drape Order Form.pdf
Signage and Graphics.pdf
-26 Third Party Billing.pdf
Exhibitor Appointed Contractor's Agreement.pdf
Operation of Equipment.pdf
Viviano Plant and Floral Order.pdf
Huntington Place Fire Regulations.pdf
-32 Premier Exhibitor Order Form.pdf
Huntington Place Loading Dock map.pdf
Huntington Place Online order info for exhibitors
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