2023 Detroit Boat Show

Carpet - Convention & Show Services


Standard Carpet:
Can be configured in a horizontal or vertical orientation. If you require a size not listed here, then please see our Custom Carpet options.

Custom Carpet:
Available on installed basis to overall dimensions specified. Rate includes installation labor, taping, wastage incident to cutting carpet for utility connections, around columns, etc. Additional labor is charged at hourly rates to fit carpet around platforms, stairways, special patterns, etc.


Our tables, carpets, and drapes also come in a variety of different colors.

Part# Description Unit of Measure Color Price
Advanced Floor

C10B 10' X 10' Blue Carpet EA Blue

C10BU 10' X 10' Burgundy Carpet EA Burgundy Login For Pricing

C10C 10' X 10' Charcoal Carpet EA Charcoal ...or Call
(313) 386-5555

C10GR 10' X 10' Grey Carpet EA Grey

C10R 10' X 10' Red Carpet EA Red

C10T 10' X 10' Teal Carpet EA Teal

C10TU 10' X 10' Tuxedo Carpet EA Tuxedo

C20B 10' X 20' Blue Carpet EA Blue

C20BL 10' X 20' Black Carpet EA Black

C20BU 10' X 20' Burgundy Carpet EA Burgundy

C20C 10' X 20' Charcoal Carpet EA Charcoal

C20GR 10' X 20' Grey Carpet EA Grey

C20R 10' X 20' Red Carpet EA Red

C20T 10' X 20' Teal Carpet EA Teal

C20TU 10' X 20' Tuxedo Carpet EA Tuxedo

C30B 10' X 30' Blue Carpet EA Blue

C30BL 10' X 30' Black Carpet EA Black

C30BU 10' X 30' Burgundy Carpet EA Burgundy

C30C 10' X 30' Charcoal Carpet EA Charcoal

C30GR 10' X 30' Grey Carpet EA Grey

C30R 10' X 30' Red Carpet EA Red

C30T 10' X 30' Teal Carpet EA Teal

C30TU 10' X 30' Tuxedo Carpet EA Tuxedo

C40B 10' X 40' Blue Carpet EA Blue

C40BL 10' X 40' Black Carpet EA Black

C40BU 10' X 40' Burgundy Carpet EA Burgundy

C40C 10' X 40' Charcoal Carpet EA Charcoal

C40GR 10' X 40' Grey Carpet EA Grey

C40R 10' X 40' Red Carpet EA Red

C40T 10' X 40' Teal Carpet EA Teal

C40TU 10' X 40' Tuxedo Carpet EA Tuxedo

C910BL 10' X 10' Black Carpet EA Black

CCB Custom Carpet / Blue / Per Sq. Ft. SQ FT Blue

CCBL Custom Carpet / Black / Per Sq. Ft. SQ FT Black

CCBU Custom Carpet / Burgundy / Per Sq. Ft. SQ FT Burgundy

CCC Custom Carpet / Charcoal / Per Sq. Ft. SQ FT Charcoal

CCGR Custom Carpet / Grey / Per Sq. Ft. SQ FT Grey

CCR Custom Carpet / Red / Per Sq. Ft. SQ FT Red

CCT Custom Carpet / Teal / Per Sq. Ft. SQ FT Teal

CCTU Custom Carpet /Tuxedo / Per Sq. Ft, SQ FT Tuxedo

PAD Padding / Per Sq. Ft. SQ FT N/A

VF Visqueen / Poly / Per Sq. Ft. SQ FT N/A

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Inbound Shipping Information.pdf
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-32 Premier Exhibitor Order Form.pdf
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Huntington Place Online order info for exhibitors
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